Time for a Giveaway! 

Okay, so I barely have any space left and my storage is full, and I don’t even sell these so why not give them away? 

There is an opportunity for 8 winners. I will contact each of you individually and keep a tab of who gets what, so yep! Please note that there are TWO SAFARI BALL POUCHES. If enough people reblog I may add more? I’ve got more things that need to go, after all.

Rules, I guess? 

Reblogs and likes count. 

You don’t have to follow me to win. 

You must respond within 48 hours of when I contact you. First you will be bumped to the end of the list and if you don’t respond again, I will roll again. 

I ship worldwide so anyone can win. I just want them gone. I’ll pay for the shipping, so there’s no money being spent on your part! 

Each item will come with a 50% off coupon for my etsy shop as well. 

Ends on July 6th. 


Fluttershy Scarf (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic)

Adipose Plush (Doctor Who) 

Piranha Plant Pouch (Super Mario Bros.)

Safari Ball Pouch (x2) (Pokemon)

Masterball Pouch (Pokemon) 

Mew Plushie (Pokemon)

Pikachu Plushie (Pokemon) 

Good Luck! 

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I try to keep my complaining to a minimum, but lately I’ve been a little stressed over money, so I thought I’d open up Pokemon Commissions to help ease my stress and maybe pay some bills! 

[See more Pokemon here]

So, here’s how to commission me! 

  1. Decide on what pokemon (or other item) you want before sending me a message! Do you have one in mind?
  2. Great! Now that we have a pokemon in mind, send me an email at - this will get to me the fastest. 
  3. Include in your message: The Pokemon’s name and a link to a picture. Be sure to include if you want a shiny pokemon! The default is normal coloration.
  4. If you want something besides a pokemon, please ask before assuming I will do the item you desire :)
  5. I will email you back with how much your pokemon will cost. You can decide from here if you want to continue or not! I may accept haggles!
  6. From there, you’ll pay and I will work on your plushie. I normally have them finished within 48 hours of payment and I will let you know when it has been shipped. You will get pictures of your commission before I send it so you can ask for any changes. Paypal only, sorry!
  7. The Package will be shipped as soon as you agree that the commission looks fine! 

That’s it! Super simple, right? 

Besides that, I will be giving away 1 Free Pokemon Commission. All you have to do is like and/or reblog this post. You don’t have to follow me to be entered and you may reblog as many times as you want. 

Giveaway ends October 30th. 

Large Pokeball Bag (with Strap)

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Premier Ball Pokeball Item Pouch


Master Ball Item Pouch


Shockwave (v. Fall of Cybetron) from Transformers

Jazz (v. War for Cybertron) from Transformers